Algae biomass is recognized for its great potential as a resource for an array of different applications including sustainable energy, water treatment, chemicals, and ingredients for the food and feed industry. The Canadian Algal Research & Technology Network (CART) encourages partnerships among research groups, industry and policy makers across Canada to foster scientific advancement in the utilization of algae biomass for water treatment management, and for the production of sustainable fuels and fine chemical products. The network goal is to  benchmark the status of algae resources, researches, technologies, commercialization, training and knowledge transfer in Canada



  • Capacity building
  • Support – research, training & knowledge transfer (KT)
  • Facilitate collaborations, training & knowledge mobilization
  • Enable training of Highly Qualified Personnel (e.g., graduate students, post docs and professionals).
  • Support deployment of innovations, commercialization of algae-based products
  • Build data base and algae related expertises
  • Outreach & Education